REAL FOOD DAY Wednesday 19th June 2019

A day raising awareness about the power of real food.

Finding Real Foods to Suit Me

My food and health story really started when I went to university. We had heart disease, type 2 diabetes and autoimmune conditions in the family and I wanted to avoid all of that, if I could.

A Life-Saving Lifestyle

Something was seriously wrong with Giancarlo Caldesi. The successful, energetic, larger than life character was listless, overweight and depressed. He had excruciating pain in his joints and everything was an effort.

Good Quality Real Food

I am 66 years old and had been overweight my entire life; a fat baby, chubby toddler, plump adolescent and an overweight adult. On and off I had dieted and done a couple of periods of Weight Watchers. Each time losing a stone or so… before I lapsed and the weight crept up again.

Our Type 1 Diabetes Story

I started getting interested in nutrition and healthy lifestyles three years ago, when our son Finn – now 14 – got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The diagnosis was a shock for all of us as there was no history of diabetes in our family.

My Real Food Family

My two young children, Rudy and Leafy, suffered from awful health problems when they were very young and changing the food they eat has transformed their health.