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Real Food Day will be held on Wednesday 19th June 2019 and is dedicated to raising awareness about the health benefits of real food

London, UK, 20 May 2019: Public Health Collaboration (PHC) is proud to launch the first Real Food Day on Wednesday 19th June 2019, aiming to inspire the UK public to eat real food, avoid fake food and be active every day.

Food environments are changing and from 2010 to 2018 the UK saw a 34% increase in fast food outlets. These changes are leading to an increase in lifestyle diseases and now 25% of UK adults are obese and type 2 diabetes has risen by 65% in the past 10 years.

“There is now evidence that lifestyle diseases can be reversed through real food lifestyles. Eating a balanced diet is important for everyone from children learning at school to employee productivity in the workplace to athlete’s performance on the track.” Said Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Cardiologist and member of the PHC Advisory Board. “By celebrating real food and highlighting the positive effect on everyone, every day, we can really make a difference for the future health of the nation.”

“We’re supporting Real Food Day because we believe eating food that is natural and unprocessed is better for our family’s health. Since we teach how to cook food from scratch, we make sure we live by the same message!” Said Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi, Restaurateurs, La Cucina Caldesi.

When asked why she is supporting Real Food Day, Laura Bricknell, a teacher from Oxford said “Real Food Day is a great opportunity to celebrate real food with our friends, families and colleagues. As a mother and a teacher, I know how hard eating healthily can be but also how important it is. Real food provides my daughter with all the nutrients she needs to grow and the children in my classroom with the energy they need to learn. I’m also a firm believer that children are more likely to try new foods when they get involved in the preparation and cooking too.”

Real Food Day events will be held nationwide joining together healthcare professionals, schools, families and workplaces to raise awareness of the power of real food.

Please visit for more information on real food lifestyles, local events or to download the family, school and workplace activity packs.


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About Real Food
Real foods are naturally nutrient dense and are minimally altered from their natural state, which will nourish people and satisfy hunger. Fake foods are highly processed from their natural state with free-sugars (added sugars) and highly processed oils, which will not nourish people or satisfy hunger. A real food lifestyle is eating real food, being active everyday and avoiding fake food.

About PHC: The Public Health Collaboration (PHC) is a registered charity (No. 1171887) dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health. The PHC publish evidence-based reports on the most pressing public health issues alongside coordinated campaigns and implementing initiatives for improving public health. PHC host annual conferences at the Royal College of General Practitioners enabling collaboration among healthcare professionals for better public health. For more information on the PHC please visit

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